Here in Michigan, we know we have got rivalries that run deep but this kind of hurts...

Not that Ohio's opinions matter much anyways but it is deeply disappointing to see that hatred we share for each other to be printed with statistics as fact.

According to a recent survey reported by Zippia, Michigan ranks, out of all 50 states, as the seventh most-hated!

To come to conclusions like this, the survey looked at three different metrics including:

  1. Percentage of residents who say the state is the "worst possible state to live in"
  2. States with the biggest decrease in population
  3. The number of other states who claim to hate a state the most

As far as Michigan goes, the data showed a 0.09% population decrease, paired with the fact that 9% of our own Michiganders say this is "the worst possible state to live in" and we are hated by one other state.

Now, Zippia did not tell us which state said they hate us the most but it really is not that hard to're not slick Ohio!

Honestly, what is most concerning about the findings of this survey is that Ohio did not even make the top 10, though, they did not escape it by much as the 12th most-hated state.

At least we don't have it as bad as the most-hated state, Illinois. With a 0.54% population decrease and a quarter of its residents saying their state is the worst to live in it, you almost have to feel bad for them.

We get it, there are some people who just can't handle the Michigan lifestyle or just simply want to trade the snowy, cold winters for their sandals and sunshine offered by states in the south. However, we know that true Michiganders carry it in their hearts and while we can absolutely find things to complain about here, we think we need a recount on these "findings."

Anyways, let's have a look at why "that one state" (cough-cough-Ohio) might not like us very much:

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While we're at it, here are some things we Michigan folks don't necessarily love about our own state:

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