Over the weekend, tragedy struck my alma matter as the dead body of a student was found by a runner early in the morning.

As an alum of Grand Valley State University, myself and friends who graduated as Lakers were absolutely shocked. First, we just couldn't imagine what the student who found the body must be feeling but also, just how crazy the situation really is.

MLive reported the story saying the body was found by the university's intramural athletic fields which is confusing in itself.

That is a very open area so while MLive reported the death is being investigated as "suspicious" it's very concerning it would happen out in the open like that.

I remember my friends reflecting back to our freshman year where there was a string of sexual assaults and a few stolen laptops but that was the extent of crimes on campus. However, we definitely need to let the investigation play out.

According to The Detroit News both on-campus police and the Ottaway County Sheriff's Office are working with help from the Michigan State Police Crime Laboratory to find out what happened.

In the meantime, both MLive and Detroit News shared a statement from University President Philomena V. Mantella in which she reminded students of the importance of their community:

“This is a jarring and shocking event for all of us,” Mantella said. “This tragedy reminds us of the importance of each member of our university community. Please keep the student’s family in your thoughts and offer your support to those who have lost a friend and fellow student.”

According to MLive, the release also included information on how the incident is being investigated and handled by the university, including extra police presence on campus and GVSU Counseling staff (which I highly recommend to any student struggling) to help them through this tough time.

Our hearts absolutely go out to the family, friends and loved ones of the student whose life was taken way too soon. It's times like this we truly look at what is means to be a "Laker for a Lifetime."

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