So I came across this survey on YouGov asking who you'd rather get advice from.

Would you rather get advice from someone who's been in a successful long term relationship that's never experienced heart break, or would you rather take advice from someone who's been through multiple break ups?

32% said they'd take advice from the person in a long term relationship.

17% said they're going with the person who's been broken up with.

51% aren't sure what they'd do.

Hear me out, people who have had their heart broken give the best advice. I'm not talking about someone who's fresh out of a relationship, chances are they're still bitter. But someone who knows what it feels like to experience the highs and lowest of lows, usually has better advice because they know how to work through it. They're also people who usually worked really hard at their relationship and know when to call it quits. It's hard to admit that the pieces don't fit anymore and walk away from something or someone you love.

I'm not saying that people who have been in a long term relationship give bad advice. I know plenty of people who give great advice and have been in the same relationship for decades. Lets be honest, all of those years haven't been sunshine and rainbows either. They clearly know how to work together to get through things and have endured obstacles, as well.

But in my personal experience, I have received the best advice from people who've experienced heart break. It's harder to talk to someone who hasn't experienced that, in my opinion. I'd much rather talk to my girlfriend that's going through a divorce and fought to save the relationship then my friend who claims her and her partner barely argue. But, hey, that's just me.

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