The most embarrassed man in America this week lives in Michigan after his Zoom username pops up during court.

Tuesday, May 11th, 2021 was just another day for the participants in Judge Jeffrey Middleton's Zoom arraignments.  That is, until a man showed up with the Zoom username of 'Buttf#@cker 3000.'  Judge Middleton was not at all pleased when he addressed the gentleman by first asking for his name.  He goes on to say "what kind of idiot logs into court like that."  The man with the hilariously offensive username, Nathaniel Saxton, seems completely shocked by his username.  You can hear laughter from one of the other people in the zoom call.  You can see the cringy moment in the video from Judge Jeffrey Middleton's youtube page below.

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This is not the first video to go viral from the Centerville based judge.  Since Judge Middleton along with other judges around the state of Michigan have moved their court proceedings to virtual during the pandemic, it seems like many of these bizarre moments have caught the public's attention.

Back in March a defendant joined a Zoom hearing with the same judge regarding his assault charges from the home of his victim.  He was taken away in handcuffs live on that zoom meeting.  That is a must see video.  Get the full story by clicking here.

We can't forget the time a man joined a Michigan Circuit Court Zoom hearing with no shirt on.  The just seemed thrilled.  Watch that video by clicking here.


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