Since the pandemic, video conference call meetings have become the blessing (and the curse) of the work from home era.

They can be more boring than a real meeting, always full of technical snafus, and you'll probably have more than one a day. THESE are the meetings that could have been handled with an email. And don't you dare reply all.

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New rules have been established. And put in place. Dress codes for being on conference calls. Wear a dress shirt. And please make sure you have on pants.

Make sure you don't take you computer/phone to the bathroom with you while on the call. In the video below, keep your eye on the middle row, all the way to the left.

And certainly don't get caught drinking, swearing, and throwing your cat.

In a city of Vallejo Zoom video conference, planning commissioner Chris Platzer appeared to be drinking then picked up his house cat, held it up to the camera, and casually tossed it aside. Now he says he's resigning. (4-26-20) (KPIX CBS SF Bay Area)


Platzer, who was appointed to his seat in 2016, can be seen drinking what appears to be a bottle of beer. After the meeting ends and everyone else has left the call, Platzer can be heard saying, "I'm going to call bull---- on you little b-----s." (CNN)

Thanks for Adopting From the Capital Area Humane Society


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