You're staying home and you're staying safe. And a lot of us are working from home. And we're still having meetings. LOTS AND LOTS OF MEETINGS. But now, they're video conferences.

There are several app and online tools that companies are using. From Skype to Microsoft Teams to ZOOM.

Zoom, a teleconferencing application typically used by businesses, has become the hot new way for people to connect while social distancing during the coronavirus pandemic. (Business Insider)

Zoom has several features. And once you and your team have fumbled through turning on your computer's camera, and learning how to mute and unmute your microphone, you can get your meeting under way.

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While the meeting is going on, you might want to chat with you work bestie and talk about someone's outfit, their house, how this meeting should have been and email and so on. You think that your chat is just between you and your coworker. Please, think again.

Zoom users now have more reasons to be concerned about the app’s privacy and security. Under certain circumstances, it turns out, multiple people in your meeting might be about to read your private messages. (Forbes)

The real answer lies in if the Zoom host records the meeting and saves it locally or to the cloud. Because if it's saved locally, those chats go in the minutes folder. And could spell bad news depending on what was said and who gets to see it. Full details from Forbes here. 


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