So it's come to this.

In the middle of the pandemic and stay home stay safe, we're doing a lot of things remotely.

We're working from home and on way too many Zoom conference calls and meetings.

And even though you're doing it all from home, you might want to (occasionally) break out a decent shirt (for your video conference calls) and put on some pants when you HEAD OUT TO THE MAILBOX.

My buddy Matt shared this on Facebook the other day and I laughed out loud...

My job has implemented a work shirt during video calls rule. It’s the first work shirt I’ve worn in a month and it’s not fitting right. This was my wake up call.


Adul caucasian notebook, agenda and smartphone.
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Also of note, you might be a lawyer. Working from home. Still, clients and oh yeah...YOU'RE TALKING TO A JUDGE!

A Florida judge has one request for attorneys showing up for court hearings via Zoom: Get out of bed and put on some clothes! (WILX)

And last but not least, can we talk about you and pants? When you're going outside for the paper and the mail, I can't believe I'm having to tell people this, PLEASE PUT SOME PANTS ON. Lord, I sound like my mother.

And apparently, THE POLICE.

And for those of you sashaying down the driveway in a bathrobe, this is what you look like. Stop it. Put on some clothes. Please.

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