This is a tough time with lots of unemployment but now if you are looking for a job you have to watch out for fake online job listings, which have already scammed a few people in Michigan

According to WILX, people everyday are complaining about job listings online which look real and even have people go through numerous interviews before they are quickly offered the job. The "job" will then send you a check with the intent of you buying a computer and supplies but there is a red flag attached to it. The red flag is that they want you to deposit the check immediately, some checks will even come with a letter with detailed instructions, saying that it was mandatory that you send a copy of the deposit receipt.

You or someone you know may have seen this or may be involved in this scam, if so there is somewhere to report it to and that is the Better Business Bureau Scam Tracker. The fake job scam has been reported over 700 times nationwide and about a dozen times already in our area. There are over 150 complaints of scams in our area, mostly online purchases, but the scam tracker is a great resources to use so you don't get scammed. According to the scam tracker, Lansing has 109 reported scams just in the city alone, over 100 in the surrounding area, and 55 in the city of Jackson.

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