On Monday, I had to do one of the toughest things I've ever done, which was to say goodbye to my pet cat, Twinkie. Even though I've known for a month or so that I would have to let him go soon, it still hit me like a freight train that I didn't see coming. And to say that I've been emotional over the last few days would be quite the understatement. But I'm doing a little bit better... I've gone from uncontrollable Kim-Kardashian-ugly-crying 24/7, to crying now and again when I can't help but only think about how much I miss him.

Since I've definitely been having a hard time with Twinkie's passing, I wanted to write a post that celebrates his life and everything he's meant to me.

Twinkie was my buddy for 10 years. I watched him grow from a kitten that fit in the palm of my hand to cat who was as big as most medium sized dogs. Twinkie loved to do things that all cats like; napping, sitting in the sun, running up and down the hallway at three in the morning for no reason whatsoever. But he also liked things that made Twinkie, Twinkie. He played fetch, liked to go outside, and went crazy for some tuna or a french fry. He also obliged when I wanted to dress him in various costumes, at least long enough to take a picture. And he could always tell when I needed a cuddle!

All in all, Twinkie was such a sweet boy and just a cool cat. He gave me all the love he had, and I can only hope that in return, I made his life happy and love filled life as well. If you have any pets of your own, I want to encourage you to show them a little extra love today. Give them a few extra pets for me please!

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