First, allow me to explain what Neko Atsume is...

Neko Atsume, or Kitty Collector, is an app that is similar to having a Tamagotchi on your phone... First, you get a "yard". You then decorate that yard with toys, comfy objects (like pillows), and food to lure cats to come to your yard. Various cats then come to your yard, interact with these said objects, and leave you "currency" in the form of silver or gold fish. You then you use these fish to buy more toys, comfy objects, and food to lure more cats to your yard, and so on and so forth. There are even some objectives, like getting the "special" cats to visit your yard. Basically it's adorable, semi-pointless, and I'm OBSESSED! And so are a lot of other people.

According to Thrillist, by the end of 2015 the app had been downloaded about 10 MILLION times! Neko Atsume has also been the inspiration behind several BuzzFeed articles... 23 Signs You're Obsessed With Cat Collecting, 19 Ridiculously Cute Gifts For Cat Collectors (my favs are numbers 3, 10, and 11... if anyone is looking for gift ideas), and of course a quiz to see just how hardcore you are about Neko Atsume.

If you're looking for a fun, new app to download, I highly suggest this one. It's free, adorable, and perfect for those allergic to actual cats or for the crazy-cat-lady-in-training (ME!). If you think this app might strike your fancy, enjoy the pictures in this post! They are all pictures from my personal yard... you can even spy some of the special kitties in the picture below!

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Credit, Neko Atsume