I've lost an engagement ring before. It ain't no kinda fun. Trust me.

It comes in waves.

Oh shoot. I forgot to put on my ring.

Then you distinctly remember, you DID put it on.

But you're not wearing it anymore.

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When and where did you take it off?

What were you doing?

Did you leave it on the counter?

On the sink because you took it off to wash dishes?

On the nightstand?

At work?

Nervousness is setting in. You can't find it. And now you gotta be calm because if your partner finds out or notices...

If they see that look on your face they are going to ask, "What's wrong baby"?

Are you gonna lie and not tell them you lost your wedding ring?

That's double trouble.

No matter what your story is and where you lost your ring, it can't be any worse than this.

Let's go to Indianapolis. Meet Darius Leonard and an honest mistake that I'm sure his wife was not buying until she saw the video footage.

Luckily Darius was being a good guy by giving a fan his game gloves. Also luckily for him, the good gesture was met with an equally cool one as the fan sought him out to get him his ring back.

Also two schools of thought. Good on you for basically never taking your ring off even when you're playing the game. However a jammed swollen finger would almost merit them having to cut it off if the injury was severe enough.

Also this. And I'm sure even if it was just a wedding band, on a pro NFL baller's salary that thing is probably worth some money.

After all this, I'm sure wifey will be just fine if you leave the ring at home on game day.

Maybe grab one of these nice rubber ones for symbolism and to avoid your next "I lost my wedding ring headache and heart attack". 

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