Have you ever gone on Facebook Marketplace? There are a lot of great things on there, but occasionally you'll see some weird stuff.  Let's take a look at some of the weirdest things I could find.

First, if you are looking for something very weird (and by weird I mean kinda creepy), a sitting doll lamp is up for sale. The seller even knows it's kind of creepy, but it's apparently a good lamp. You can see a picture and the text of the listing below.

I know, weird picture but there you go. I have a used wooden chair, just the one. It’s pretty sturdy. Then there’s 2 lamp shades neutral color tan. But the doll is brilliant She’s about 3 feet tall and you can put your feet in her shoes and dance or walk with her. Not only that!. When you move her hair over her head, she becomes asleep with a cap on her head. It’ll take a special kid to appreciate her.

Facebook Marketplace

Next, here's something else kind of weird but some people also look for it in some specialty stores, and that is Quail eggs. If you want some the seller seems to really know their stuff, check it out.

Quail eggs are very healthy and rich in vitamins and proteins.Cold days and cold and flu days are coming soon.Quail eggs are ideal for strengthening the body and improving blood count,boosting immunity and giving the body a lot of energy.The eggs are collected every day so that each customer receives exclusively fresh quail eggs.Recommended for athletes body builders and anyone who wants to strengthen the body and get more energy.Available every day at any time.$4dozen

Facebook Marketplace

Hey guys, have you lost your wedding band and don't want you wife to know? Well now you can get a new one for only $20. Check it out below, and you do have to meet at a gas station to get it, if that doesn't make it weirder.

Mens wedding ring. Size 9. Black and silver. Must meet on Wayland at Shell or Speedway Gas station

Facebook Marketplace

Looking for an old car, like about 26 year old? Then take a look at this beauty. It's a 1994 Toyota T100, and the seller is asking $1,000 for it. If you are a collector or someone who likes to work on cars, this might be for you.

If you're seeing this it's available. It's rust free except the tailgate. I turned down $250 for the rear bumper 5 years ago. The clutch or 5 speed trans went out 2 years ago. It has Lincoln town car rims & caps. Runs great. I'm a Ford guy but,man I love this little truck. It was weird to me. It was fun to drive. I'm a mechanic, but I've been busy so i thought to list it. It doesn't move at all. I can deliver.

Facebook Marketplace
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