When it rains, it pours.

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Wednesday's rain and ensuing storms started early afternoon and really let loose later that night.

Usually when it rains, you get a pretty decent nights sleep because of the rhythm of the rainfall.

Folks in an East Lansing apartment complex work up to a nightmare.

But we just got here.

Can you imagine JUST MOVING into your new apartment and getting ready to start the school year off?

Living off campus and maybe even a brand new car. Only to wake up to your apartment complex parking lot flooded.

And not just flooded. But FLOODED, FLOODED.

That's over 8 inches of rain. Water up to door handles. Cars submerged.

“Everyone is getting new cars if I had to guess,” said Sarah Saxton whose car was submerged under water. “The water when we woke up was above my side mirrors and on my boyfriend’s lights were flashing and stuff and we knew it was not good.” (WILX)

About that "everyone is getting new cars" thing.

If you peep the video in the article, the governor showed up to lend her support and promised to help as much as she could.

The real issue here is this. Does your insurance cover this? Does your renters cover flooding and your car on the property? Is it an auto policy thing? And the cars have got to be totaled right? How much money can you gather just from the photo above?

And one last thing. In case everyone missed it, we're in the middle of a shortage.

All that has led us here to a microchip shortage that has caused plants to shut down here in Lansing and now it's even affecting DEALERSHIPS?

Read More: The Lack Of Microchips Is Hurting Michigan and The Auto Industry

So even if your insurance knows a thing or two because they've seen a thing or two, will people be able to actually replace their cars?

Our hearts go out to the folks at the Quarters who have lost their cars. We hope you get some kind of help and relief.

Most folks just want the water to go down.

Wondering if there's going to be a lawsuit?

Asking for a friend.

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