Usually if you're at a party and they run out of chips it no biggie. Beer? Yeah, you might have a problem. But running out of chips has never stopped the festivities. You just jump in your ride, head to QD, grab some Better Made, maybe some chip dip, get back to the house, and we keep the party going.

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This is not that kind of party, not those kind of chips, and we're talking about stopping production of the "ride" you'd be jumping in to head to the store.

The chips we're speaking of here are semiconductor chips for your car. How important are they to "your ride"?

Semiconductor chips are extremely important components of new vehicles for areas like infotainment systems and more basic parts such as power steering and brakes. Depending on the vehicle and its options, experts say a vehicle could have hundreds of semiconductors. (CNBC)

Hundreds in one car. Now, we've got a shortage of them. A $60 BILLION DOLLAR GLOBAL SHORTAGE of them.

And that shortage has reached all around the world and hit home here in Lansing. Shutting down production at the GM Lansing Grand River Plant starting Monday.

From WILX:

  • Lansing Grand River Assembly will take downtime as of Monday, March 15 through at least the end of the month.
  • Employees will be covered through the provisions of their labor agreement. In general, impacted represented seniority employees will receive about 75% of their compensation through a combination of unemployment and supplemental benefits. 1,400 employees at the GM Lansing Grand River Plant.
  • The GM Delta Township Plant is not expected to be affected by the move.

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