What a crazy thing this pandemic has been.

And that my friends is either an understatement or a cliche'. I'm not necessarily sure which one it would be. Yet, either way it certainly has been crazy.

What do I mean? Well first, if you've lived long enough to have experienced other health concerns that have happened to our country, I don't ever remember anything impacting our lives to the level that COVID-19 has. Staying at home, wearing masks, working at home, food and other supply shortages. Have I missed anything? Yes, I probably have.

One thing that has also been questionable to some and controversial to others is exactly how do we treat people who get COVID-19 before any kind of vaccination is produced? What drugs should they take and which ones should be avoided? Should people who have been infected by COVID-19 and have extreme symptoms be on a ventilator or not? That is one of the biggest questions out there. There seems to be as many people who say "Yes" that ventilators should be used as there are who say "No".

As there was a shortage, you may be aware that some of our nation's companies jumped in to assist with ventilator production in the beginning, and one was Ford and another was General Motors. According to News 10, both of the automotive giants are now at the end of their agreements with the federal government and will deliver all of the ventilators that they've promised by the end of the month.

Find out more here from the News 10 website.

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