But it's so small?!?

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How is the microchip (or lack thereof) causing such a problem for the big three and practically all automakers around the world? And you know how it goes with cars. That's Michigan's bread and butter. Especially here in Lansing.

So what's the big deal. it's just a chip. Couldn't be that important right?


Automobiles have become increasingly dependent on chips - for everything from computer management of engines for better fuel economy to driver-assistance features such as emergency braking. (Reuters)

Back in the day, this wouldn't have been such a big deal. But as time marches on and advancements are made, we like all those fancy gadgets and features in cars and trucks. And they depend on microchips and processors.

So...what happened to all of them?

Good question. A couple of things. First being the pandemic.

Consumers have stocked up on laptops, gaming consoles and other electronic products during the pandemic, leading to tighter inventory. They also bought more cars than industry officials expected last spring, further straining supplies. (Reuters)

Now remember those tariffs and President Trump being at odds with China (and this is not political, I'm just stating facts)?

Sanctions against Chinese tech companies have further exacerbated the crisis. Originally concentrated in the auto industry, the shortage has now spread to a range of other consumer electronics, including smartphones, refrigerators and microwaves. (Reuters)

All that has led us here to a microchip shortage that has caused plants to shut down here in Lansing and now it's even affecting DEALERSHIPS?

The only real upside to this is if you're trying to sell your car because dealers are looking to buy yours to fill their lots.

Only problem with that would be, what do you plan on buying to replace the one you just sold.

Because it's already slim pickings for a new or used car right now and you'll be paying through the nose for whatever you're trying to get.

Stupid microchips.

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