Maybe you read that headline and thought to yourself, what the heck? This has to be science fiction.

I'm here to let you know that you're not imagining things, you read that right; a piercing place in Old Town Lansing will implant a microchip in your body if you'd like one.

Flesh Body Piercing and Enhancements

WLNS recently did a feature about Flesh Body Piercing in Old Town Lansing and spoke to the owner, an artist who goes by the name Hades. During the feature, Hades spoke about how Flesh offers not just piercings, but body enhancements as well. Specifically, they'll place a microchip into your body if you would like to have one.

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What can you do with a microchip? Well, with the wave of your hand you could unlock your car door or your house (if you have an electronic lock), or you could make your payment at the store. Basically, if it's a "smart device", then there's the potential to connect to it. Only time will tell what the future holds for this innovative technology. Future is the keyword there because Hades believes that chip implants are the way the future's headed, saying,

“I felt that it belonged in the body enhancement industry, it is an enhancement. The future will be based on it so why not get ahead of that now.”

So, here's the ultimate question: Would you get a chip implanted in your body?

Would You Implant a Chip in Your Body?

Having a chip in your hand sure would make some things a whole lot easier. For instance, you would never have to worry about forgetting your keys or locking them in your vehicle ever again. Forgot your wallet at home? No worries, you can still pay for lunch just with the wave of your hand.

If this is, indeed, the way the future is going, I'm interested to see how many people would be willing to put a chip in their bodies. Send us a message with the free station app and let us know; would you get a chip implanted in your body?

In the meantime, see how much times have changed in the pictures below.

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