There is a hurricane in the gulf right now and it is headed north which means we could be seeing some storms next week. According to MLive, Hurricane Cristobal is about a day or so from landfall in the gulf and after it hits land it should move quickly north towards the Midwest. It will continue north before it converges with a cold front from the west, which should give not only us but most of Illinois and Wisconsin lots of rainfall on Wednesday or Thursday.

It is still a little too early to forecast exactly when the storm will come here but usually whenever hurricanes come to our area they drop a lot rain and leave quickly. That is what will probably happen here except no one is sure the exact amount of rain that will fall on our area. There are estimates, and most of the heavy rainfall estimates are in our area so enjoy the sun this weekend cause a lot of rain could be coming next week.

There isn't news on whether our area could be seeing flooding, as usually with storms like this it is a possibilty, but we can't be sure yet until the end of the weekend. More on the forecast here

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