Pokémon cards are seeing a major resurgence lately which gives a new, younger generation a chance to get in on the cultural phenom.

However, there has been such a boom in demand for the cards that major retailers have decided to not sell them any longer, giving a major opportunity to smaller stores!

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Big Box Stores Say "No More"

People are losing their collective minds over the cards again, which should mean it's the ideal cash-grab for bigger stores; however, major retailers like Walmart and Target have decided the Pokémon pandemonium is just not worth it.

While Target did tell CNN the reason for suspending the sale of the cards is because "The safety of our guests and our team is our top priority."

Meanwhile, WILX reports Target made this announcement days after four people assaulted another over the cards.

Opportunity For Local Game Stores

Matthew Hunt, owner of Summit Comics and Games in Lansing told WILX, the decisions from the big box stores to no longer sell the trading cards should make business better for the smaller, more local stores.

Not only will the extra inventory get people in the door but Hunt hopes people will come in and see what else they carry.

Another bonus is being able to have a little more control than the bigger stores in just how much people are buying. For example, Hunt says they keep the cards they sell behind a counter and only sell a certain amount each day so everyone has the chance.

“It kind of breaks my heart when little kids come in to get Pokémon cards, because that’s really who the cards are for, and they can’t buy any because we’re out so we started doing this to make it fair to everybody,” Hunt told WILX.

Where To Shop Local

Now, admittedly I do not know much about Pokémon but with the help of the internet, here is a list of local stores around the area where you can scope out their supply and get your mitts on these coveted cards or even sell some you are not using:

Local Mid-Michigan Stores That Buy/Sell Pokémon Cards

With the resurgence in popularity for these trading cards, big-box stores have stopped selling them until the hype winds down. Here's a few spots in the Lansing and Jackson area(s) that buy and sell them.

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