I don't know where it began, but the latest trend is yoga with an animal.

We've told you about yoga with shelter dogs.

Yoga in the park in Jackson (where you can bring your animals with you).

And of course, goat yoga.

Did you know that the goat yoga craze was founded by a Michigan woman?

(caption for the above video from YouTube)

A Goat Yoga class takes place at a farm in Albany, Oregon, owned by Lainey Morse, founder of Goat Yoga. Morse was born and raised in Michigan. (MLive)

And that's all fine and dandy. But really, goat yoga is soooo yesterday.

Let's go to Alaska. The last frontier.

We're headed north. Way north.

To a place called Running Reindeer Ranch.

And scoot over goats. Make room for Rudolph and friends.

Because in Fairbanks, Alaska they do yoga...WITH REINDEER.

As I've mentioned before, I lived in Alaska for 10 years before returning home to Michigan. I lived in Anchorage and Fairbanks. And Alaskans do things just a little bit different. They dance to the beat of a different drum. Their own. Unapologetically.

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My close friend and brotha Ken Vehmeier shared his photos with me and I had to show you exactly what Reindeer Yoga looks like.

You’re a real Alaskan if you do yoga in the rain...with reindeer! Craziest thing I’ve ever done. (Audrey Ranstead via FB)

You can peep more video here.

And please check out the gallery below.

Next time you're in Fairbanks, make sure you check out Running Reindeer Ranch.

Find them on Twitter and at RunningReindeer.com.

Reindeer Yoga In Alaska

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