So I guess phone scam season is here, and it looks like we are starting it off with the usual phone scam looking to take your identity. This is according to the Shiawassee County Sheriff's office Facebook page, which is warning people in the county about a phone scam targeting residents and looking to steal your information.

The scam goes like this: first the scammers will call your phone and it will show that you are calling yourself, which is strange. But then an automated message says that you are locked out of your Verizon account. It will then ask you to press 2 to talk to someone, so you do and it then it asks for the last four of your social security number. DON'T GIVE THEM YOUR INFORMATION! Just HANG UP THE PHONE! Obviously you do not give out your social security number to anyone over the phone.

If you are concerned that your phone provider might have an issue, you can check for yourself on their website or call the provider yourself. Another thing is that if you are getting a call from yourself, you should already be alerted that something fishy is going on. You can see their post below warning about it.

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