The founder of a favorite Michigan restaurant "Olga's", Olga Loizon has died at 92 on Monday but her restaurant chain will be in Michigan to keep feeding customers. Olga Loizan started the restaurant chain in 1970s with a small Greek sandwich shop, which eventually grew into the popular restaurant chain Olga's Kitchen. The restaurant is a favorite of many in Michigan, especially those that live or lived in metro Detroit. Olga's is best known for its unique pita bread sandwiches, spinach pies and curly fries.

After she opened her first restaurant in 1975, Loizon sold the Olga's concept to a group of private investors. The investors changed the name to Olga's Kitchen and began expanding across the state. Olga's eventually expended even more as it went out of state and opened up restaurants in major cities all over. The Olga's chain never really caught on with much of the country and they eventually closed most of them, except for the ones in Michigan, and much of the Olga's restaurants are located in Michigan.

If you haven't been to or eaten at Olga's there are about 2 dozen left in the state and one in the Lansing-Area. You can check out Olga's in the Frandor Shopping Center. Plus you can see more on Olga and her restaurant history here. 

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