Have you ever seen the "Final Destination" movies?

If you haven't, basically they start off with someone having a premonition of something horrible happening, they warn a group of people, avoid the tragic event that actually happens. The movies frame it as they "cheated death" and death comes back to get them as it intended to in various series' of insane accidents.

When I say insane, I mean insane...and gory as hell.

Yesterday, I had one of those days where I felt like I was in one of those movies.

It was a series of just generic bad luck to the point I said "WHAT IS GOING ON!?"

First, I smacked my face into a door so hard I had a headache all day.

Then, I just kept dropping EVERYTHING.

Next, I narrowly avoided getting t-boned on my driver's side by a semi after apparently misjudging what its turn signal meant.

After I got home from that, had a bit of an anxiety attack and a good cry, I decided to take it easy and watch some TV only to be interrupted and have my heart drop into my butt when we got a package delivered.

In my defense, the package delivery was especially scary because I heard hefty banging on my front door, went to the back door and did not see a car in my driveway but did see my back screen door fly open and hear banging on that side too!

Safe to say I was a jumpy, paranoid mess and it has me watching my back even into the next day. It also got me thinking about the "Final Destination" movies and what every-day occurrences are especially scary when you're already on-edge.

Things like driving behind a log truck which seems oddly specific, but you know what I'm talking about. Not only do you make sure to get in the other lane or pass these trucks because they're going slower, but because that little voice in the back of your head says "what if one of those fall off?"

Another mundane thing "Final Destination" ruined for me...tanning beds! Sure, they are actually horrible for you in the long run, but my mind always goes to ways they can kill you instantly.  Check out this horrible scene, you'll never look at tanning beds the same.

Lastly, one that always crosses my mind is this scene where it is the most insane mix of events that ruin a few things for me: passing someone mowing, letting my curling iron get anywhere near a can of hairspray, kids, etc...I'll let the clip do the talking.

All in all, yes I understand these are wildly insane events that probably could never happen so why be anxious all the time? Well, think about it! They always say "stranger things have happened."

Basically, when it's my time I guess it's just my time and yesterday, I really thought it was going to be my time...so that's fun.

What are some of your near-death experiences?

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