Here in Michigan we are so lucky to never be too far from a beach along the coast of one of the Great Lakes that surround our state, but for those of us who like to keep our summer fun close to home, Mid-Michigan is the place to be!

The Return Of Summer Events

From Lansing to Jackson and everywhere in between, there is so much fun to be had now that COVID restrictions are being lifted more and more and even before it was "officially" summer there were so many events.

Things like carnivals, festivals like Gizzard Fest, concerts in Jackson like Granger Smith at The Grande Golf Course, Lugnuts games at Jackson Field, ArtPath along the Lansing River Trail, farmer's markets and so much more to come.

Having these fun things to do so close to our home communities makes it so easy to go out and about for a little bit, invite the friends and family along and go enjoy time at home in the beautiful Michigan summer weather.

Inland Lakes Are Just As "Great" As The Big Ones

According to the DNR there are about 50 lakes in Jackson County alone. They also report there are about seven in Ingham County.

That is just their reports on "where to fish" which means they are more public lakes and those are in addition to some private ones where if you know someone or get invited to go out to, they are well worth it!

Of course there are many more lakes in the areas surrounding those two counties but that's 57 lakes in those two counties alone. How perfect is that?

There are plenty of opportunities for fishing, kayaking, boating, or just a quick swim at any of the many public lakes and parks nearby.

Just Explore or Enjoy Where You're At

Between all the fun things to do, lakes, hiking trails and more here in Mid-Michigan, one of my personal favorites is even just exploring what is always around.

There are the hammocks in our own backyards, tons of native birds to try to spot and wonderful scenery.

OR, as you're waiting for the typical Michigan weather to be a bit more favorable, check out the cute, small downtowns nearby. Maybe you'll find some hidden treasures at a local boutique, or even stop at one of the countless bars and breweries that are popping up all over mid-Michigan.

All in all, it is all about falling in love with your hometown and enjoying your community.

While it is so fun to go to any of the Lake Michigan beach towns or any of Michigan's beautiful coastal destinations but after having my own kind of "staycation" at my parents' house in Hillsdale County last week and over the weekend, it makes you appreciate what is right there.

A Pure Michigan summer is whatever you make of it and there are plenty of opportunities in Lansing and the surrounding areas to make this summer one of the best yet without having to travel more than 30(ish) minutes away!

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