As the weather gets warmer and a whole world of activities starts to open up, why not get out and appreciate some Michigan-made art along the lovely Lansing River Trail?

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ArtPath: Presented By Lansing Art Gallery & Education Center

According to the Lansing Art Gallery & Education Center website, ArtPath is a way to "immerse yourself in art beyond the gallery walls."

It is an outdoor, public and free art showcase along three miles of the Lansing River Trail.

This is the fourth summer the Lansing Art Gallery & Education Center says they have partnered with the City of Lansing to bring this event to art lovers of the Lansing area and they say last year ArtPath had over 82,000 visitors over its duration.

What You Can Expect To See This Year

There are 20 exhibits along the trail this year ranging from sculptures to murals and all with beautiful, deeper meanings...also they just plain look cool, y'know, if the "deeper meanings" thing doesn't really mean much to you.

Lansing River Trail ArtPath 2021 Installations

For four summers now, the Lansing Art Gallery & Education Center has partnered up with the City of Lansing to bring us public art from Michigan artists along the Lansing River Trail. Here's a sneak peek of a few installations you can see at ArtPath 2021!

When You Can See It For Yourself

ArtPath 2021: Public Art on the Lansing River Trail, according to their website, will be on display from June 1st to August 31st so you literally have ALL summer to check it all out!

If you would like to see more or even just see what you've previewed here in person, you can go whenever the park is "officially" open which is from dawn until dusk.

Trevor Gabrill, who is painting a basketball court on the trail does a great job explaining to FOX 47 why art like these installations so much, "When you bring public art into spaces like this, it kind of reminds people that they can be engaged with it in a number of different ways. They don’t have to just be used in the obvious way."

"For example," he continued. "This basketball court isn’t just for playing basketball, but it’s a space of beauty for people to share and engage with public environments.”

It's something we've seen in many other art "festivals" around the area like Grand Rapids' ArtPrize or Jackson's Bright Walls. They are all about integrating beauty and art into the spaces we see every single day.

What sets ArtPath apart is the fact every single artist is from Michigan and we can't wait to get out and see it all in person!

Here's a look at some more art here in Michigan:

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