Many people are sad to see football season end each year just after the big game in early February. We all enjoy Pro and College football, and of course love our Michigan State Spartans. Now don't get be wrong I love football, but I am so glad to be in baseball season even though out Detroit Tigers are not off to a great start.

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I have good news for football fans in the Lansing area, one of Lansing’s newest semi-professional football teams is bringing football to the capital city according to  And check this out area athletes who thought their days breaking tackles were over get hope of playing with the pigskin again. That's right football players are gonna get a 2nd chance to play ball again. Many players out of high school never play again, says Cody Carns, coach and co-founder of the Capital City Lightning.

The Capital City Lightning, and 9 other semi-professional teams throughout the state will play in the Great Midwest Football Conference.  Plus they are encouraging local athletes of all age groups to play and improve their skills.

What you gain on the field when you’re working with your brothers, it’s not something a lot of people find in life,” said coach and co-founder John Nebbefeld. “I mean, three of the kids I grew up with are dead and I kept off of that path because of the friendships and family I found in football.”

All the players who want to join the team have to sign a code of conduct that coaches say holds them to a high standard of respect, accountability, and integrity.

This is so cool too, the money raised will support players who can’t afford equipment and registration fees through sponsorships and merchandise sales posted on

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