There are many farmer's market that are all over the Lansing area but you don't want to miss this Lansing farmer's market. I stumbled upon this farmer's market after I was detoured from my house in South Lansing. I had no idea that there was this beautiful farmer's market every Thursday, with most of the fruits and veggies coming locally. After stopping by two weeks ago I'm going to go again, but if you are still wondering if you should go I'll give you some reasons why.

First, all of the food from the booth, with the exception of one, comes from the garden right across the street. Next, you need to show up when it opens or right when it opens cause you may miss out on all of the good stuff. Third, make sure to check out the jam table, I got some great cherry jam and apple butter from it. In addition, don't miss out on the guac and the other Mexican food that is sold there cause it is great.  Finally, you should check this farmer's market out because they give out weekly spotlights on their veggies, fruits, and food, and you can see that on their Facebook here.

Check out the gallery below to get a better look at the farmer's market. Plus don't forget to check out the South Lansing Farmer's Market every Thursday from 3 - 7pm, 800 West Barners ave.

Check Out the South Lansing Farmer's Market

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