So with Valentine's Day only a day away make sure you watch out for Valentine's Day scams cause there are more than ever. Unfortunately according to WILX, people lose over 140 million dollars on romance scams last year. That might sound insane but romance scams are usually more personal and it allows for scammers to know more about you before they scam you. A romance scam that is popular around this time is when scammers will be on dating websites to woo someone and get to know that person very well. The scammer will then ask for money but not want to meet in public and instead want the money sent to them. DON'T FALL FOR THIS! Don't send money to someone you meet on a dating site without meeting them in public first. UGH! More on it here

Also Attorney General Dana Nessel has warned people of scams regarding the cold weather spell that we had about a week or so ago. She says that people should be wary of anyone calling offering propane or gas at a higher than usual cost, utility scams where they ask you to pay up or be cut off on the phone, insurance scams, and anyone offering unnecessary services. More on it here

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