No matter if you have been together for a few months, a few years or have been married for 20-plus, it's still good to get out and explore together.

With "Sweetest Day" approaching (October 17th) and fall being arguably a far more romantic season than February, it's time to keep love alive, y'all!

This weekend, Jordan and I ventured to the East Side to see the Marvel exhibit at the Henry Ford Museum. We hadn't been to the museum since we attended one of the most fun weddings ever there so we decided to make a day of it!

We did the Marvel exhibit, did cheesy date things like the photo booth and even grabbed a snack at the café they have there. While we were sitting there I said it was fun to have a "date day" like that and his response was "when you live together, isn't every day a 'date day'?"

That's when I realized, he's probably not the only one who thinks like that!

Sure, doing day-to-day life with your partner can have its little romantic moments and there's lots you can do at home together; however, if you're the type of couple that really bonds over sharing new experiences and adventures, those are important!

Some of our favorite things to do including our movie nights and watching TV together, however, there are fun experiences we've shared that I feel shaped our relationship.

Luckily, fall is MADE for date days and there is so much for couples to do that don't even require too much effort.

Get out to a winery together, go cider tasting and bring back some donuts for the kiddos (or just ones to hide from them) and let me tell you, ladies love a good pumpkin patch!

Shoot, my sister even makes sure to get out and go hunting with her man! It's all about showing interest or at least being willing to try to be right there with your favorite person as they do their favorite things.

Fall is a wonderful time to bundle up and cuddle up and never stop "dating" each other just because you already have had each other for a while!

Here are some ideas on some fun fall activities to make a date out of:

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