Looks like this hound will be home for Christmas after wandering off three years ago during a trip to the Chicago suburbs!

This is the time of year to be together with loved ones including your "fur babies
and every year some of us have to face the reality that there may be fewer four-legged friends around.

I know, personally, this is going to be the first holiday season in 12 years without my sweet angel girl Bella around; however, I can't imagine what this family went through the past few Christmases not knowing where their pup ended up.

According to Associated Press (AP), Debra and Steve Mejeur made the trip from Kalamazoo to Elk Grove Village (suburban Chicago) back in 2017, visiting friends, when their black Lab, Lola, disappeared from a fenced yard.

Already a pet owner's worst nightmare, made worse by the fact Lola was actually trained to help Debra in case of a seizure, AP reports. The Mejeurs even stayed for a month after Lola's disappearance trying to find her, to no avail.

That is until three years later, in 2020 of all years, a couple noticed the same black Lab going into a forest preserve over the years and had been leaving food out for her to get her to trust them enough to get close.

Because of this couple, all the way in Glendale Heights, Illinois, Lola was able to go home as a microchip revealed the Mejeurs as her owner.

When they were reunited, the Mejeurs had Lola smell her old blanket, to which she wagged her tail in glee!

Nobody could fathom how Lola survived over the years, even Debra said how she always had hope while still coming to grips with the fact Lola could have "crossed the rainbow bridge."

These are the kinds of heartwarming homecomings and beautiful family reunions we look forward to hearing all about around the holidays and we all know 2020 has been full of so much bad news, this one makes us so unbelievably happy!

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