If you were single when this all started or are recently single and looking to get back out there, COVID-19 has changed the dating game.

Sure, this virus has changed a lot for a lot of people but single people have had to adapt too!

You can't just "lock eyes" with someone across the bar at the moment and because of social distancing, just going out to meet people is not really an option.

Even if you are part of the online dating scene, meeting up with the person you've been chatting with face-to-face is discouraged.

Of course, like with anything, the internet has come up with ways to help you navigate this crazy time and Huffington Post is sharing the book on how it all applies to the dating scene.

Not only have people been in the dating game since even before this dumpster fire of a year started, but Huffington Post says divorce attorneys have seen an uptick in marriages coming to an end as a direct result of everything COVID-19 has thrown at us.

So, if you are single, be it recently or not, and still looking to get out there and meet someone, here are some terms HuffPost shared that you should try to familiarize yourself with:

COVID-19 Dating Terms

I'm not going to lie to you, I would definitely have to Google some of these if a person actually used them in real life. These words make me feel old and also makes me SO thankful I have been out of the dating game for long enough to not have to worry about any of this nonsense.

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