Cyberbullying is now a crime in Michigan as it was signed into law today on one of the last days of Governor Synder's term. The bill that was signed today was House Bill 5017, which will hold people for using the anonymity of the internet to bully or shame someone. It will make the person that is cyberbullying accountable for their actions online whether they are anonymous or not.

You can see more about this law here, but according to the law that was signed gives better definition of bullying and cyberbullying in Michigan. Also it will make anti-bullying laws in Michigan cover off-campus conduct if the behavior is committed using a telecommunications access device, or if the service provider is from the campus. The new law will also encourage school districts to form bullying prevention task forces, programs, teen courts, and other initiatives involving school staff and students to combat bullying and cyberbullying.

If you want to see a lot more about this new law in detail you can see it here. It will answer questions you might have about the new law as well.

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