Have you noticed there are a lot of online personality types? I don't know if you've done online dating but you'll run into several types of characters there. The ones I speak of however are not the dating type. They range from "outright argumentative" to "poke the bear and stir the pot for fun".

These are miserable people who live to be miserable and want to make other people online...miserable.

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There are several types of internet trolls. I did some research and after reading a couple of awesome articles from Lifewire and 247 Sports, I amassed my own little list of the trolls that drive me crazy.

First we have to define who these fine folks are:

An Internet troll is a member of an online social community who deliberately tries to disrupt, attack, offend or generally cause trouble within the community by posting certain comments, photos, videos, GIFs or some other form of online content. (Lifewire)

We all know the GRAMMAR TROLL. These are the folks who instead of engaging in anything substantial, their argument is based on picking apart your bad grammar, misspelled words, and improper use of your, you're, to, too, there, their...you get my drift. Probably an angry retired English teacher.

The I'M CURSING IN ALL CAPS/CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW TROLL. We get it. You're angry. You're swearing. Your caps lock button is stuck.

The POKE THE BEAR/STIR THE POT CAUSE I CAN TROLL. Also the I'M JUST HERE FOR AN ARGUMENT CAUSE I'M BORED TROLL. I'd ask if they don't have anything better to do but obviously not.

The I'M ALWAYS ON YOUR PAGE, I'M NOT LEAVING, I'M JUST WAITING FOR YOU TO POST SO I CAN BITCH ABOUT IT TROLL. Never happy. Alway here. Waiting to judge your content and comments.

These are just a few of my "favorite" types of internet trolls. I gave you five. Lifewire has got a list of 10 and 247 Sports has got 18.

Take a look at theirs and ask yourself. How many of these have you run into. More importantly, which one are you?

And there's actually science behind their annoying behavior. Take a look.

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