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Let me start off by saying this is not an ad nor is it a knock on a Pure Michigan staple. Koegel's goes way back to the 1930's with its start in Flint. The history of Albert Koegel and how Koegel's came to be is an amazing. I tip my hat. I love the skinless franks because without them a coney wouldn't be a coney. Just saying.

That being said, let me just dive in. Pickled Bologna...seen that. Pickled Red Hots...seen that. Ring Bologna. Ditto. Some of these are old school. Bar food staples in some cases. But I was in the grocery store the other day and saw some things. There are Koegel products in the sandwich meat section. And I am used to bologna and salami. But then I saw these. Mac & Cheese Loaf? Pickle Loaf? HOT HEAD CHEESE. And I was like...what the? Who buys this? Have you tried any of these? Take a look for yourself. And hit me back on our Facebook or App chat.

Michigan Mystery Meats from Koegel's.

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