A man was busted stealing a family's clothes from a Bath Township laundromat thanks to a young girl.

Monday night the Yonnotti family had a couple of loads of laundry going at the Soap and Suds laundromat in Bath Township.  7-year-old Jada and her grandmother had to leave for a moment after starting their laundry.  They soon returned to find all of their laundry had been stolen.

A lot of Jada's school clothes were in the stolen loads of laundry.  She was very upset.  Jada's father Sean Yonnotti filed a report with the Bath Township Police Department and also contacted the security company in the hopes of finding video footage of the incident.

Not only did they find the video footage of the theft, but Sean told WLNS that the 7-year-old also helped identify the suspect,

I was playing the video and she immediately said daddy, daddy that’s the bad guy. She said that’s the guy who was looking at me mean from the porch, he lives next door.

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Here's where the story will make your skin crawl.  When the police located the suspect and confronted him about the theft, he gave some, but not all of the clothing back.  He kept some of the little girl's underwear and socks.  Gross.  Unfortunately, the Yonnotti family isn't in a place to buy new clothes at this time.

The suspect will likely face larceny charges soon as the Bath Township Police Department has asked the prosecutor's office to charge the man.

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