I have covered high school sports in the Lansing area for more than 15 years.  And amongst all the games, crowds, bands, players, students, administrators and parents that I have been around, one thing brings them all together. A school mascot.

Every school in the Mid-Michigan area has a nickname, but not every school has a mascot in tribute to that nickname. Which is too bad, because I believe that every school should have a costume (with an active student wearing it) to honor the nickname. I believe it helps with school spirit. And it's just something cool to have.

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In the hundreds of events that I have covered over the years, I have taken an unofficial poll myself of the best mascots in this area. I have narrowed them down to five. This has nothing to do with the success of the school on the fields of play. It's just who I think is the best or most creative mascot that I have seen in my travels.

As I said before, I've narrowed it down to five. Let's start with number 5.


The Best High School Mascots in the Lansing Area [RANKED]

Ok, that's my list.  What do you think?  What are your favorites?  Let us know!

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