Real talk, these guys are hilarious. Their Facebook page is fun, informative, and the officers have a great sense of humor. So you know when they decide to do their own remix of one of today's biggest hits, it's going to be stellar.

The officers from the Bath Township Police Department decided to take on Billie Eilish's "Bad Guy" with hilarious results.

No longer the "Bad Guy" but the "Blue Guys...duh".

So you’re a tough guy,
Driving really rough guy,
Always tryna text guy,
Speeding in the snow guy,


I’m the cop type,
Make your wallet sad type,
Flashing in your rear sights,
Take away your road rights,
Wave your license goodbye,

We’re the blue guys, duh.

It's been shared almost 400 times. So now you know what's next guys. We're gonna need a cover of the song and definitely a video. And we can't wait to see it and share it.

Great job fellas. We applaud you. Keep up the good work. On and off the streets!

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