During an overnight traffic stop this week, the Bath Township Police Department confiscated a wide array of weapons and drugs.

The Bath Township Police, after confiscating everything, brought it all back to the department and, of course, had to show off their comedic genius once more on their ever-popular Facebook Page.

As MLive reported, this dude was just driving around with his collection of drugs (meth) and syringes, as well as weapons like a semi-automatic rifle, knives and a very interesting (to say the least) sword!

Many commenters on the Facebook post couldn't help but notice the hole punch which MLive confirmed was placed in the photo by officers as a joke, though it would not be surprising if it was part of this whole collection of strange weapons.

The post has gained a lot of traction on social media with 2,900 comments and 1,700 shares and counting!

We'd have to assume it has something to do with genius hashtags like "#AncientSwordOfTheMethKing".

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