In the past 12 years, Michigan has had 55 confirmed cougar sightings. That works out to about five a year (4.6) This week, the Michigan DNR is reporting there have been six confirmed sightings in Michigan this year - with another four months to go. Are they (like some urban area coyotes) a little more relaxed due to all the shutdowns that happened after the pandemic hit?

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All of this year's Michigan cougar sightings have been in the U.P.. According to, the DNR still insists there is not a breeding population of cougars in Michigan, contending they have all wandered here from points as far as a thousand miles away.

One of those reports, in 2017, was of a cougar near Rose Lake State Wildlife Area in Bath. So, there are obviously more around, with some here in lower Michigan. (I'm counting on you, Bath Township Police Twitter page, to keep us informed)

As more and more people get security cameras (like the Ring cameras) it'll be interesting to see if the numbers of sightings go up.

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