You ever read a random fact or something and it just jumps out and sticks with you?

I am constantly amazed when I read stuff about the Upper Peninsula. ESPECIALLY when it pertains to wildlife.

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Like Black Bears. Most of them call the U.P. their home.

Mind you, about 90 percent of the bears live in the Upper Peninsula, while the remaining ten percent are mainly found in the northern Lower Peninsula.

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Up above the mighty Mackinac Bridge, you get a little bit of everything. The U.P. is like our very own "last frontier" (with respect to Alaska).

It's just that when a headline jumps out at you, you remember just how wild the life is up there.

Like, "14 Confirmed Cougar Sightings In Michigan".

Because without context you're startled to think (or I was freaked out and thought):

  • There's cougars in Michigan? (I'm mostly a city boy don't judge me)
  • So far we've confirmed/counted 14 of them?
  • Where are these cougars and how do I make sure I steer clear of them?

Rest assured most (if not all) of the cougars in Michigan (and we're talking the real cats here not randy, older women) live in the U.P.

The Michigan Department of Natural Resources reports 14 confirmed cougar sightings in 2020, all located in the Upper Peninsula. That's the highest number reported since 2008, when the DNR first began tracking cougars. (

Head HERE to peep some photos that capture these cats on trail cams.

By the way if you see one and you're thinking about shooting it and mounting it on your wall with you vast collection of deer heads, think again.

These ferocious kitties are endangered and protected.

The species in Michigan is listed as endangered and is protected under state law. The DNR has a ton of information on cougars in the state. (clickondetroit)

Remember that part where I asked where are they and how do I steer clear of them?

Enjoy the next six minutes of absolute terror brought to you by the letter "C" and that stands for COUGAR.

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