It's the newest, trendiest adult beverage to hit the market and take it by storm since Fireball. The newest way to get "white girl wasted" is White Claw Hard Seltzer.

Mind you, this is a pretty crowded arena that this stuff exists in. It started way back in my day as Zima (come on you remember that), then Mike's Hard Lemonade, Hard Cider, and now...we have hard seltzer. There's one called Truly as well. But the marketing for White Claw and its meteoric rise to stardom is bananas right now.

It's gone viral. And spawned a catchphrase that caught the Bath Township Police Department's attention.


***Video: Adult Language & Subject Matter***

(Video: Trevor Wallace via YouTube)

(Video: MarkLeachMusic via YouTube)

A sixer of seltzer callin' my name...

It's cute, it's catchy, it's funny. And it's wrong. And it could most definitely get you thrown in jail. Or worse. You could kill yourself or someone else. Don't drink and drive. Period. And one of our favorite police departments that's got an awesome sense of humor and social media presence wanted to remind you as such.

Adult beverages mentioned in this article are for adults 21 +. Please drink responsibly. Do not drink and drive. Ever.

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