Giving out candy on Halloween is going to be different this year with social distancing but this Midwesterner thought of a great and fun idea to give out candy.  People are nervous about spreading coronavirus to children when they come door-to-door. I know I am going to give out candy this year, and I was going to leave a bowl out for kids to take a piece and move on to the next house. However, after seeing the idea below I'm about to go to a home goods store or rummage through my basement to make a candy chute.

You can see the candy chute above. It was thought by a Midwestern man who says he didn't put much effort into it as the chute is a 6' x 4" piece of cardboard shipping tube. The man says in the post that it took him about 20 minutes to do and it will help kids to keep social distance as well as help kids that are physically unable to climb stairs or make it to the door.

Before you think about doing the candy bowl idea you might want to hop on this idea. You can also see below how he added lights and other things to make it more scary.

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