Get your weekend clear and be ready cause the Lansing Beer Fest is this weekend. If you have been to it before then you will be happy to know that the Lansing Beer Fest is back for their 7th year and this year will be bigger and with more beers than last year.

The 7th Annual Lansing Beer Fest is on June 15th from 4pm to 9pm, located in REO Town at Washington Ave. between South St. and Elm St. This year's festival will be bigger as there will be over 20 Michigan Breweries with their craft beers and ciders for you to try. The total number of beers and ciders will be over 100 so make sure to pace yourself on Saturday too. There will also be other ciders and spirits in case you are looking for something else too. Also there will be food trucks to keep you fed and also to help with the beer as well as live music and vendors too. You can see more on the festival here.

The Lansing Beer Festival tickets start at $15 and they have a VIP tickets which will let you at 3pm, a hour earlier than everyone else, and you will get a sampling glass as well.  You can get tickets and see all of the prices here. 

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