With summer coming to an end soon, have you been to a lot of festivals this year so far? I have to admit I have been to my fair share.  If you have not, there are plenty coming up in the month of September.

I am looking forward to checking out the Michigan Wing Festival this weekend in Lansing. This is gonna be a cool 2-day festival will live bands and artists.  There will be a plethora of different flavored wings and food vendors, food trucks, beer, wine and spirits, kids zones, craft and merchandise vendors, and more.

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Now if your looking for a festival that is totally different from the norm, here is a fest voted one of the top local art festivals in the 2020s according to screamqueen517.com.

This Festival Is Very Different

Mid-Michigan’s original Festival of Oddities is something quite different from Scream Queen Productions. You will find all the fun at the Courthouse Square Museum. A whole day of all things weird and macabre in Michigan.

Support small business! Shop with over 100 local artists and makers who will be peddling their creepy wares at our Macabre Marketplace. Grab a snack or a full-on meal from one of several award-winning food trucks at Food Truck Row. (Or all of them!) Explore the haunted Courthouse Square Museum, where you’ll find oddities from around the globe.


Paranormal and Crime Fans Will Love This

I find this fest so cool and unique. This will be fun because you can meet some true crime and paranormal authors, as well as podcasters. There will be an ax-throwing wall, an oddball photo session.  Get ready for some unexpected fun this Saturday and beware of all around you.

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