The drama continues even though the now "controversial" bingo event does not over safety concerns for all who might be attending or working the event.

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This is part 2 and what might be the FINALE AT MELON FEST. We might as well pack as much drama into this thing as we can because this one is small town insanity at it's finest.

See what had happened was.

Drag Queen Bingo was an event added to the festival.

It all got, apparently, so "controversial" they decided to up-and-cancel the festival as a whole.

Drag queens hosting a bingo event got people riled up enough they would rather not have the festival...

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However compromises were made, drag queen bingo was moved inside, beer tents and social districts were cancelled, and IT STILL SOLD OUT.

It seemed that everyone was happy.



Heck no.

M. Night Shyamalan couldn't have seen this one coming.

Meet congressional candidate Mike Detmer. He feels that if folks are going to be tolerant of the Drag Queen Bingo event, surely they can put something more Christian and family friendly on too. And there's no problem with that. But it's the imagery in the post that ultimately lead to everyone saying, "You know what? Let's just cancel this whole thing."

Take a look and see if anything stands out.

That appears to be a burning cross. And Howell does have a certain history. People are like...bruh. There were literally no other images you could have used?

Mike was like...what?

“It’s not a burning cross,” said Detmer. “That’s something the KKK does. It’s an artistic, glowing cross, but it’s not a burning cross, no.” (WILX)

Then there was this.

People seem pleased and are now only concerned with the return of the beer tents to the event.

Also's RAUNCHY. That's how you spell that.

I'm helping. Unlike...never mind.

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