KFC is doing away with wedges, and people do NOT seem happy about it.

As a person who has gone to the KFC drive-thru exclusively for potato wedges, I'm bummed. I think wedges are the best thing on their menu! Full disclosure... I don't like fried chicken. BUT I am a big fan of KFC's sides. Potato wedges, mac and cheese, coleslaw-- I've got myself a whole meal right there!

Business Insider says the KFC confirmed to them this week that potato wedges are being slashes from the menu and replaced with "Secret Recipe Fries".

Apparently KFC tested out the fries last year and has been rolling them out in restaurants across the U.S. in recent weeks.

A rep. from KFC told Business Insider,

"While we know there are wedge-lovers out there who may be disappointed, consumer response to our Secret Recipe Fries during the test and the rollout has been overwhelmingly positive."

Have you tried the new fries yet? Are you sad to see wedges go?

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