Don't worry the amazing and delicious fries aren't going anywhere they are just getting a name change. If you have been to HopCat before then you know about how often you or others talk about their "Crack Fries". Usually people that order it can't put them down and want to come back for more....and that's where the name came from. But according to their CEO they will be changing the name from "Crack Fries" to something that is more appropriate. They say the name wasn't meant to offend anyone but they felt a name change should happen due to the problems that the drug causes.

But don't worry HopCat will continue to serve the fries under a yet-to-be-announced name. The recipe and ingredients will remain the same too. Also you won't be seeing the name change until about January as they have to reprint the menus to reflect the change. You can see more about what the CEO said about the change below.

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