Move over McRib. This is what McDonald's should have brought us this holiday season. Or maybe they're waiting until next year (to make us forget about 2020).

There are the healthy folks who are going to chime in and be like "why would you do this"?

And the throngs of people who will instinctively shout back, "WHY NOT?".

I'm drooling over here.

Someone, somewhere in a test kitchen (or a board room) came up with this idea. Someone drew it up. Someone gave it the greenlight. And it has become reality.

Who doesn't love cheese? On everything? Maybe in a bowl? For dipping?

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Make it so McDonald's. Let's get it on the menu.

Alas, not here in the states. Not yet.

Maybe the reason we haven't gotten it here yet is because they are still testing it.

In Brazil. 

Cause that's where you'd have to go to get "A Grande Chuchada do Cheddar" which loosely translates to "the big cheddar chuck".

“What if we made a pool of cheddar…?” the official McDonald’s Brazil Instagram account captioned the news on Dec. 8. The bowl consists of about 3.5 ounces of melted cheddar cheese that you can add onto your order. (


And you can dip EVERYTHING in it. Nuggets, fries, Quarter Pounders with cheese now dipped in cheese

My Lord the decadence.

And potential heart attack.

For some this is pure heaven.

I need to see a calorie and sodium count.

But just like with the McRib, I'll have one per season and call it a day.

I'd try it once.

You in?

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