There are some crazy food combinations.

Peanut butter and banana, peanut butter and mayo, peanut butter and bacon sandwiches (I see a pattern here lol).

How about a banana and mayo sandwich (it's a southern thing, Google it).

A glazed donut bacon cheeseburger (The Luther)

Chicken and waffles.

French fries and ice cream.

There are a bazillion taste combinations. Most can be explained while others are accidents that happened and are repeated because someone stumbled onto something that shouldn't have worked, BUT IT DID.

One of the simplest taste combination explanations is sweet and salty and maybe that's why this new

Around the world, McDonald's in different countries are a little more adventurous. They adapt their world famous items to local tastes and plates.

How they came up with this one for China is completely beyond me.



Come on man?!?

The new burger features the odd sweet-and-salty combination of crushed Oreo cookies and two slices of grilled Spam luncheon meat (along with what seems to be either mayo or vanilla Oreo creme) on a sesame seed bun. (Brand Eating)

I know in China you can get variations of several different staples here in America (Kit Kats in China come in a bazillion different flavors), but this is out of control.

Oreos, spam, mayo OR vanilla Oreo creme? I dunno how it's going to taste but I can imagine it not agreeing with your stomach and...I'll just stop there.

Glady it was a one day only promotion and you could get it for about $2 US.

Pretty sure you could make one at home and give it a shot. You gonna use mayo or oreo creme?

Suppose next year at Christmas, US McDonald's drop this one on us instead of the McRib?

You know you'd try it once.

Did you know that Mickey D's even tried a Flaming Hot Doritos Quarter Pounder?

And in Pulp Fiction they talked about a Royale with Cheese, but there is actually a McRoyale...and it's Arabic.

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