There has been a lot of reevaluation on the foods we eat over the past couple of years here in the United States. A lot of the early 2000's were full of foods that we later determined weren't the best for our long term health. Does anyone else remember the jumbo size you could buy from McDonalds?

Here in 2024, we seem to have a better handle on what's better for us in the long run. However, that's not to say somethings don't slip through the cracks. Many parent's in todays world are working harder in ensuring that their kids are eating the best things they can, however, in a processed food world, that can be hard.

Warning Issued On Popular Michigan Food

The popular food/snack in question, is probably something that you have in your fridge, especially if you have young children. Lunchables are currently on the recall list here in Michigan for containing high levels of sodium.

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The sodium wasn't the biggest of the concerns.


It was also found that Lunchables from Oscar Meyer as well as Armour contained lead and cadmium, in either one or both brands. Neither of the brands exceed the federal level, but the fact lead lives in our foods is a bit concerning.

Cadmium has been known to cause kidney disease, as well as bone disease. In some instances, cancer has even been seen. Lead has been known to be a much more silent killer, however, also causes a lot of the same health issues that cadmium does.

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